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8 Best Cat Advent Calendars In 2024 – Reviews & Top Picks

There are plenty of advent calendars out there for kids and adults. However, there are surprisingly few for cats. Given how inexpensive so many cat toys are, it is surprising that more companies do not make cat advent calendars.

That said, there are still a few options for you to look at this festive season. Some only cover 12 days, while others cover more. Some are exclusively toys, while others may also have treats involved. Hopefully, these reviews will help you determine which cat advent calendar is best for your feline.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

The 8 Best Cat Advent Calendars

1. Dr. Seuss for Pets How the Grinch Stole Christmas Cat Advent Box – Best Overall

Dr. Seuss for Pets How the Grinch Stole Christmas Cat Advent Box

Out of all the calendars we looked at, the Dr. Seuss for Pets How the Grinch Stole Christmas Advent Calendar for Cats is our favorite overall. It includes only toys and covers 12 days, which is super nice if your cat cannot have treats for whatever reason. It also includes many different types of toys, like plush toys, teaser wands, and feather balls. Therefore, even if your cat is picky, there should be something they like in this package.

Of course, every toy is Grinch-themed, which we love. The toys are also made with pretty high-quality materials, which is a rare thing with these advent calendars. Of course, if you’re looking for a calendar with treats included, this is not a suitable option.

  • Many toys included
  • Covers 12 days
  • High-quality materials used

2. Larchio Cat Advent Calendar – Best Value

Larchio Cat Advent Calendar

The Larchio Cat Advent Calendar covers 24 days, allowing you to start on the very first of December. There are only toys included, and they range from mice to balls to strings. You should find something for just about any feline in this kit. There are even some cat bow ties!

These toys are made from surprisingly high-quality materials, which is amazing given how inexpensive this advent calendar is. We think it’s the best cat toy advent calendar for the money.

We love that this calendar includes a real cat wand with several attachments. It’s not just the cheap crinkle balls you often get from these calendars.

  • Quality toys, like cat wands
  • Many different types of toys are included
  • Inexpensive
  • Calendar itself is a bit low-quality

3. Midlee Cat Advent Calendar — Premium Choice

Midlee Cat Advent Calendar

The Midlee Cat Advent Calendar covers the 12 days leading up to Christmas with festive toys. The box that holds the toys is very nice, with nifty little boxes instead of the usual pop-out cardboard windows. Plus, this also means that you can theoretically re-use the box each year with different toys. While it is more expensive than other options, this reusability is a very nice touch.

Most of the toys included are plush and have catnip inside them. There are also a few balls for some added variety. The only potential problem with this is that your feline may smell the catnip before you open the calendar, leading to some of the toys being ripped out too soon!

That said, if you keep it out of reach of your cat, this advent calendar is a great option.

  • Several plush toys with catnip included
  • Reusable calendar
  • Several crinkly balls included, too

4. MOVINPE Cat Toys Advent Calendar for Kittens – Best for Kittens

MOVINPE Cat Toys Advent Calendar for Kittens

The MOVINPE Cat Toys Advent Calendar for Kittens is made especially for the new kitten in your life. It includes a surprise behind every door, including toys, teaser wands, and even a fluffy mouse. You and your kitten will love the surprises inside! The springs and crinkle ball will keep your kitten entertained for hours.

Of course, this is made specially for kittens, so the included toys are not ideal for large, adult cats.

  • Several kinds of toys included
  • Made specially for kittens
  • Great value
  • Not ideal for large, adult cats

5. Larchio Cat 12-Day Advent Calendar

Larchio Cat 12-Day Advent Calendar

If you’re impressed with our budget pick but want something even cheaper, consider the Larchio Cat 12-Day Advent Calendar. This is the same brand with the same toys. However, it only covers 12 days, making it a bit more affordable. You get the same variety of toys but fewer of each. For instance, instead of four attachments for the cat wand, you only get three.

Of course, the toys are pretty high-quality and come in enough variety that there should be something for just about any feline. The toys are designed to be completely safe for cats, which also means avoiding any potentially harmful materials.

That said, it only covers 12 days. While that is the average number of days for these calendars, the alternative one by the same company covers 24.

  • Inexpensive
  • Cat wand included
  • Variety of toys

6. Trader Joe’s Advent Calendar for Cats

Trader Joe’s Advent Calendar for Cats

Spend the days leading up to Christmas with this Trader Joe’s Advent Calendar for Cats. It includes a daily treat for your feline, all of which are flavored as salmon & dried seaweed recipes. The salmon used to make the treats is completely free of antibiotics and caught wild from the waters of the Atlantic. All the treats are individually packed so that they stay fresh until you open them.

That said, these treats are reported to be rather hard. Picky cats may not particularly like them, especially the seaweed-flavored options.

  • Includes a treat for every day
  • Free from antibiotics
  • Real, wild-caught salmon
  • Not ideal for picky felines

7. Fancy Feast Festivities Advent Calendar

Fancy Feast Festivities Advent Calendar

Unlike many other advent calendars, the Fancy Feast Festivities Advent Calendar offers your cat treats and food exclusively. This calendar is meant to provide your cat with a range of treats and wet food for them (and you) to try. Therefore, you will need to replace your cat’s regular food on some days and adjust their calories as necessary. Of course, this is a bit more work than the other boxes, though it also makes it a bit more exciting.

This kit includes several different flavors of wet food and many different treats. The wet food recipes include real meat and are complete and balanced for adult cats. This also means that you cannot use this for kittens, and perhaps even seniors.

  • Includes whole servings of wet food
  • Several types of treats
  • Pretty durable box
  • Only suitable for adult cats
  • Requires changes to your cat’s regular diet

8. Lily’s Kitchen Advent Calendar for Cats

Lily’s Kitchen Advent Calendar for Cats

Like many of the previous advent calendars, Lily’s Kitchen Advent Calendar for Cats offers several different kinds of treats for your cat to try. There are three different flavors, but several surprise windows to open. Therefore, your cat will get many of the same treats, but there will be something surprising for them to eat every day.

There are mixed reviews on the treat’s appeal, though. They are also a bit expensive for what they are. You only get a few treats in each door, and the price is much higher than most other advent calendars out there.

  • May not appeal to pickt cats
  • Expensive


Buyer’s Guide: Selecting the Best Cat Advent Calendars

Choosing a cat advent calendar can seem a bit overwhelming. There are just so many toys involved, and many companies do not make it very obvious what the calendar includes. Luckily, we’ve put together a complete guide to help you choose the best advent calendar for your feline.

Cat with a christmas tree in the background
Image Credit: Nadtochiy, Shuttterstock

What Does It Include?

The very first thing you should consider is what the calendar actually comes with. Some companies only include the cheap crinkle balls that you could likely purchase inexpensively. Obviously, your cat probably isn’t going to be amused with getting another vaguely Christmas-colored crinkle ball every day—and there is no reason to overspend.

Therefore, it’s important to scroll through any available pictures of what’s in the advent calendar or check out reviews for information on what is included. Preferably, high-quality toys of a large variety should be in the advent calendar. You don’t want only balls or only plush toys, for instance.

That said, there are bound to be a few doubles. A calendar might include two or three toy mice, for instance. Use your judgment when figuring out if the toys work for your cat or not.

You should also ensure the toys are high-quality. You don’t want to give your cat cheap toys that will fall apart in a few hours. While this is frustrating due to the wasted money, it is also a safety hazard.

How Many Days?

Advent calendars range in the number of days covered. The most common numbers are 12 (for the 12 days of Christmas) and 24 (so that you can start on the first of December). The option you pick largely depends on your budget and preferences.

As you’d expect, the more days covered, the more expensive these kits tend to be. However, this isn’t always the case. The most expensive option in our reviews only covers 12 days, but it comes with a reusable box (hence the more expensive price).

Sometimes, it may also be that your cat simply doesn’t need 24 new toys. If you have several cats with different preferences, this may be a good number. However, it takes a very playful cat to make good use of 24 toys.

Christmas Advent Calendar
Images Credit: Mahony, Shutterstock

How About the Box?

While it may not be around for long, the box everything comes in is also important. You’ll be using the box for days as you count down with your feline, so it should be relatively durable. Some toys have catnip, and you preferably don’t want your cat breaking into the box to get the toys out early.

The toys should also be easy to remove. Most boxes have small windows you’re supposed to punch out each day, but this may be done with a varying degree of ease. Some are pretty easy to open, while others may inadvertently cause tearing on the part of the box you aren’t supposed to be opening.

Sometimes, you may also get a calendar with a reusable box. This makes it cheaper next year to do an advent calendar for your cat (and allows you to pick toys you know your feline will like).


Advent calendars come at a range of price points. You have to consider whether or not the specific calendar is worth the price.

We included a range of advent calendars in our reviews, so you should be able to find one in your price range. We do recommend staying away from very cheap advent calendars, as these are often cheaper for a reason. You don’t want to put your cat in harm’s way by giving them dangerous toys.

cat lying on the sofa playing with green ball
Image Credit: Natalya On, Shutterstock



While there aren’t many cat toy advent calendars available, we do hope that you found one you like in our reviews. Our favorite is the Dr. Seuss for Pets How the Grinch Stole Christmas Advent Calendar for Cats, as it provides an optimal mix of toy quality, toy variety, and price.

However, there are cheaper options available, as well. The Larchio Cat Advent Calendar is less expensive than most others, but it also covers 24 days—more than most of the competition.

Featured Image Credit: NataKor, Shutterstock

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