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9 Amazing DIY No-Sew Cat Hammock Patterns and Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Why buy something new when you can make it at home? Isn’t that the mantra of every handy DIYer? With so many cool projects flooding the web, it’s easy to create just about anything yourself. So, if your cat loves a good hammock, we found a few that require absolutely no sewing.

If you’re not so crafty with a needle and thread, here are a few ideas that look fantastic and require various skill levels. Let’s take a look.


The 9 Amazing DIY No-Sew Cat Hammock Patterns and Plans

1. DIY No-Sew Cat Hammock by Becoming Bailey

Materials: 4 pieces of PVC pipe, 8 3-way PVC elbow joints, 1 yard of fabric
Tools: Hacksaw, Sharpie, tape measure, permanent marker
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you are looking for something super easy but also durable, it’s time to consider this DIY No-Sew Cat Hammock by Becoming Bailey. It’s incredibly straightforward, using minimal materials—and you don’t need to really be all that creative to get it done.

You can select one yard of a fabric you love, but we recommend something soft and stretchy—like fleece, plush, or something similar. Regardless, picking a material with some ‘give’ is essential so your kitty can enjoy the true hammock experience.

This particular DIY walks you through the process step-by-step, explaining and showing pictures along the way. We couldn’t pick a simpler design that requires zero use of needles or thread.

2. Ridiculously Easy DIY No-Sew Cat Bed by Your Purrfect Kitty

Materials: 1 yard of fabric, polyester batting
Tools: Fabric scissors, ruler
Difficulty Level: Easy

This Ridiculously Easy No-Sew Cat Bed by Your Perfect Kitty is, indeed, a purr-fect pick. You literally can make this cat bed in any shape or size you want. With the way it is made by tying and connecting ends, you can attach it to any suitable post or surface in the home, too.

Or, if you want, you can double it as a comfy bed on the floor—as the purpose is intended. We loved how quickly it whips into a bed with just a few knots. This tutorial goes over the entire composition in detail but keeps it simple, so anyone can follow along.

We think that your cat will love long days spent cozied up by a window or warm fireplace. The only thing you will have to consider is how to suspend the hammock. But once you find a secure way to manage, your cat can enjoy their new luxurious napping spot.

3. DIY Cat Hammock by Pats & Cats

Materials: 2 half-inch PVC bars, 4 PVC connectors, an old pillowcase
Tools: Hacksaw, scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you are handy with a hacksaw, you might love the Pats & Cats DIY Hammock as an alternative to sewing. This gentleman walks you step-by-step through his favorite pillowcase, repurposing for his beautiful cats (who are quite a lot of help in the video).

You see him work on the entire piece in this creation, creating a lovely floor-sitting PVC framed hammock. This whole design is incredibly inexpensive, but make sure you have the means to cut the PVC pipe after purchase—otherwise, your whole idea might be kaput!

We love the final product. Once it’s finished, you can place it in any flat area of your home, giving your cat a new perch they can enjoy.

4. DIY Macrame Cat Hammock by CloudPusher

Materials: Macrame cord, cushion, wooden piece
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

If you know how to macrame or just want to give it a whirl, this CloudPusher DIY Macrame Cat Hammock is both attractive and easy to create.

Luckily, this video doesn’t come with written instructions but rather an entire video tutorial. It’s easy for even a beginner to follow along. Plus, you can pause and play as needed.

This hammock doubles as a swing, making it ideal for adventurous feelings who love being suspended high. Not only will cats flock to and possibly battle over this creation, but your visitors will also rave at how awesome it looks aesthetically.

This cat hammock would look amazing in a shabby chic or bohemian style home, but it honestly fits with any décor style. Sure, it might take several hours to complete, but it’s a fun project with a beautiful outcome! You can have a single one or several, your cats won’t complain.

5. DIY Cat Hammock by A Butterfly House

Materials: Fabric, grommet kit, pillow fluff, thread
Tools: Scissors, sewing machine
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This DIY Cat Hammock by A Butterfly House is actually an add-on to a really awesome DIY Cat Tree that you can also find on the site. But this hammock would work in virtually any place you can make it fit in your home since it easily hooks and secures to another surface.

This particular DIY has detailed instructions and descriptions of goofs and adjustments made by the designer. Throughout the tutorial, there is tons of room to make your own changes as needed to fit in your home.

If you’re really feeling crafty, you can make the whole thing from the bottom up—cat tower and all. It truly is a stunning addition to any home, acting as a super appealing piece of furniture just for your cat. But it’s totally unnecessary—you can just steal the hammock idea and call it a day!

6. DIY Crochet Cat Hammock by Sierraann96

Materials: Yarn
Tools: Crochet hook, scissors
Difficulty Level: Moderate

All the Redditors have the best ideas, right? If you’re familiar with crochet basics, we’re 100% sure you can figure it out. With this Crochet Cat Hammock by a random Redditor, your cat can enjoy a stretchy, comfy hammock you can move around the home on sturdy supports.

The maker of this stunning little hammock freehanded the design. That means we recommend this design only if you’re an experienced crocheter, as there is no step-by-step instruction. However, she does explain how many stitches she made and draws a small diagram of explanation.

If you can wield a hook, this is super fun and easy to personalize selection, making a great lazy day project.

7. DIY Large Hanging Basket by Daily Crochet

Materials: Yarn
Tools: Crochet hook, scissors
Difficulty Level: Moderate

We absolutely adore this Large Hanging Basket by Knit & Crochet Daily. It’s 100% multipurpose, so even if your cat decides it’s not the right choice for them, you can use it in a million ways to store belongings. So, if you love to crochet and you’re not sure if your cat will feel the same, try this one!

The pattern seems very easy to follow, making it suitable for beginners who are still learning the ropes of crochet—but we don’t recommend it if it’s your first crochet project. There is a lot of terminology and multiple stitches to learn, which is why we think novice learners might get a little flustered.

But if you are confident in your crochet skills, you can select any color of chunky yarn you want and make it your own. This large basket can be used to store belongings or extra laundry—the possibilities really are endless. So, no matter what, this project won’t go to waste.

8. DIY Magic Carpet Cat Hammock by Settle Down Slinki

Materials: Old towel, Zpagetti yarn
Tools: Crochet hook, scissors, comb, elastic bands
Difficulty Level: Moderate

We think that the Magic Carpet Cat Hammock by Settle Down Slinki is such an adorable idea that works so well. In this tutorial, she uses an old towel with neat patterns that really give off an old classic magic carpet feel.

First, you just need to plan where you will hang it so your cat can enjoy it.

She uses tassels on all four corners to add to the aesthetic to really set things off. You will need to know the basic crochet for this pattern. However, the crocheted parts are very few, and a novice who’s never picked up a hook can figure it out.

This particular design is meant to hook under a coffee table, but it doesn’t have to end there. You can find another spot that suits it better. That’s the power of making it yourself!

9. DIY Bunk Bed Hammock by Makezine

Materials: Wood, rope, fabric
Tools: Hacksaw, scissors
Difficulty Level: Moderate

We really loved this DIY Cat Bunk Bed Hammock by Makezine. This DIYer made it count, combining a nice, solid hardwood frame with two stretch fabric pieces that go between. This hammock is ideal for multi-cat households—so jot this one down if you have a few kitties who could benefit from it.

They threw up the rope in the fabric and on the ends for an awesome added scratching surface as a finished project. You can follow the project exactly as shown or make up your own as you go along. Really, it makes a fantastic guideline, but you can branch off and do your own thing.

Ultimately, if you follow this project or a similar style, you will have a wonderful new furniture piece your cats will take over in no time.



We hope you found a DIY project you can start immediately. We tried to scoop up as many designs as we could find that required no stitching at all. So, if you have other talents or are completely novice, there is something here for everyone.

Also, some of these designs just look stunning in a home setting. You can craft up your very own new furniture piece while making your kitties happy campers.

Featured Image Credit: Linn Currie, Shutterstock

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