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Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder Review

Our Final Verdict

We give Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Odor-fighting effectiveness: 5/5

Ease of Use: 4.5/5

Safety: 4/5

Price 4.5/5

Cat ownership has perks, but litterbox duty isn’t one of them. Cat urine has a particularly pungent odor that can knock you off your feet. If you have unpleasant kitty pee and poo smells wafting through your home despite frequently cleaning the litter box, consider Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder.

You can sprinkle the deodorizing powder on fresh litter to prevent odors between litter changes. You can also sprinkle some powder on top of smelly litter to keep it fresher a little longer. Arm and Hammer states that their deodorizing powder is moisture-activated. The powder releases a fresh scent every time your kitty does their business and scratches.

We should be clear that Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder doesn’t work miracles. You’ll still have to change your cat’s box regularly. Arm and Hammer is transparent about their product. They don’t claim that this deodorizing powder will completely eliminate odors, only that “Lab tests demonstrate lower odor levels after 9 days compared to litter alone.”


Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder – A Quick Look

Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder

  • Arm and Hammer is a trusted brand
  • Effective at reducing cat urine and feces odors
  • A little powder goes a long way
  • Affordably priced
  • Contains artificial fragrances
  • Not compatible with flushable cat litters
  • Only available in one scent
  • Product creates dust


Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, hydrated silica, and fragrances
Package sizes: 20- and 30-ounce boxes


Are you curious about trying Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder? Check out our FAQs below for more information.

Does Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder Contain Artificial Scents?

Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder contains both naturally derived and artificial scents. You can view the product’s ingredient list for more information.

crystal cat litter
Image Credit: Valentina Zavrazhina, Shutterstock

Is Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder Safe for Pregnant People to Handle?

This powder, on its own, is safe for pregnant people to handle. The danger with used cat litter and deodorizing powders lies with the cat’s feces, not the products themselves.

Cats can transmit a disease called toxoplasmosis via their feces. You can reduce the chances of your cat developing toxoplasmosis by keeping them indoors, preventing them from eating wild animals, frequently scooping out their litter, and serving them commercially prepared cat food.

Everyone should wash their hands thoroughly after handling used litter. Follow your doctor’s instructions if you are pregnant, immunocompromised, or immunosuppressed. They may recommend that you wear gloves when handling used cat litter or that you ask someone else to clean out the litter box.

How Is Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder Different from Plain Baking Soda?

The main ingredient in Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder is baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). This powder also contains other ingredients, hydrated silica, and fragrances.

Hydrated silica is a form of sand commonly found in personal care products and cosmetics. The hydrated silica in this litter deodorizing powder acts as an absorbent, preventing wet litter from sticking to the box or liner. The numerous fragrances in the powder keep the litter box smelling fresher between changes.

Plain baking soda is an effective odor-reducer but is not absorbent and does not add any additional fragrances.

two cats sniffing the litter box
Image Credit: Zoran Photographer, Shutterstock

Can I Use Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder with Any Type of Cat Litter?

Yes. You can use the deodorizing powder with clumping or non-clumping, scented or unscented cat litter, clay, crystals, paper pellets, wood pellets, and more.

The one exception is flushable cat litter. The manufacturer states that Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder should not be flushed down the toilet. The best way to dispose of used litter containing the deodorizing powder is to bag it up and place it in the trash.

Is Smelly Cat Litter Normal?

Yes, but only to an extent. You need to scoop out and change litter frequently, whether or not you use a deodorizing powder. The more cats you have, the more you can expect to do litterbox duty.

A sudden pungent odor might be cause for concern. Talk with your vet if your cat’s urine or feces smells different. An infection or underlying health condition can cause bad odors in cats.

Cleaning cat litter box
Image Credit: Zoran Photographer, Shutterstock

Who Shouldn’t Use Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder?

Some cats are picky about their litter. This or any deodorizing powder probably won’t be a good idea if your cat doesn’t like scented litters. They might refuse to use the box and go on the floor instead.

Most cat owners state that the powder has a strong scent, which is released every time the cat uses the litter box. You won’t want to use this product if you or anyone in your household is sensitive to fragrances.

Another concern is the dust it can leave behind. You should use caution or wear a mask if dust triggers respiratory conditions such as asthma.

What the Users Say

  • Most cat owners who use Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder are satisfied with the product. They think the powder does what it claims and effectively reduces litter box odors.
  • A small amount of Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder does the job. Many customers state that a box lasts a long time and is a good value.
  • A handful of cat owners who tried Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder thought the scent was too overwhelming and would not use it again. This powder may irritate you if you are sensitive to or allergic to fragrances.


Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder contains sodium bicarbonate, hydrated silica, and fragrances. Users overwhelmingly agree that the product effectively reduces litterbox odors.

A small amount of powder keeps odors at bay, and a box will last a while. You should not use this scented product if you, your cat, or anyone in your household has fragrance allergies or sensitivities. Any litter deodorizing powder is not a replacement for regularly scooping and replacing your cat’s litter. Arm and Hammer Litter Deodorizing Powder will reduce, but not altogether eliminate, litterbox odors.


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