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Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit Review 2022: Is It a Good Value?

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Basepaws a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Ease of use: 4.5/5

Accuracy: 4/5

Turnaround: 3.5/5

Value: 4.5/5


What Is Basepaws? How Does It Work?

Have you ever wondered what cat breeds make up your pet you found in a dumpster? For people with a cat that didn’t come from a breeder, it can be difficult to know what to expect out of your cat’s long-term health. Even if your cat did come from a breeder, knowing what conditions your cat may be at risk for developing can be of benefit. It is also a lot of fun to find out more about your cat’s ancestry and genetics. Basepaws has heard our cries for answers and provided a solution.

Basepaws is a company that offers a test kit that you can use at home to easily get a DNA sample from your cat and send it off for processing and analysis. While no pet DNA tests are 100% accurate at this point, Basepaws is constantly updating their database to whittle down the specifics of each cat breed. The more people who submit DNA samples from their kitties to Basepaws, the more accurate the database will become.

basepaws cat kit

Basepaws – A Quick Look

  • Offers insight into your cat’s ancestry
  • Helps determine potential medical risks
  • Easy to use
  • Increasing accuracy with every submission
  • Multiple options
  • Questionable accuracy
  • Slow turnaround

Basepaws Pricing

Basepaws updated its pricing in 2022 in order to keep up with the increased expenses associated with running these complex tests. The Breed + Health Cat DNA Test is $159, while the Cat Oral Health Test is currently $99. The most accurate option Basepaws offers (Whole Genome Sequencing) runs for $499.

What to Expect From Basepaws

When you visit the Basepaws website, you’ll be able to select which test or tests you’d like sent to you. You’ll pay for the test at the time of ordering, and within a few days, you’ll receive your kit. The kit includes easy-to-follow instructions that will have your cat’s sample in the mail in no time flat.

Each kit includes a prepaid mailing label that will return your cat’s sample to Basepaws within a few days, and then the processing and sequencing will begin. Once you’ve paid upfront for your cat’s kits, there are no additional charges to you. The current Basepaws processing time is 4–6 weeks.

Once your cat’s DNA has been processed and sequenced, you will receive a detailed report with all of your cat’s information. The type of test you order will determine how much information you receive, but the reports are colorful, easy to follow, and full of information to help you better understand the scientific side of this testing.

basepaws cat kit contents

Basepaws Specifics

Turnaround time: 4–6 weeks
Swab timeframe: 5–10 seconds
Current tests: Breed + Health Cat DNA Test, Cat Oral Health Test, Whole Genome Sequencing
Shipping: Free, pre-paid

Easy to Use

When you receive your Basepaws kit, you’ll likely be tickled to see just how simple the process will be for you. Follow the simple instructions to properly identify and label your kit and your cat’s sample. If all of the proper identifiers are not present, your cat’s report will not be returned to you. Swab your cat’s mouth with the included swab for 5–10 seconds, place the swab in the included sample container, and ship your kit with the sample back to Basepaws using the pre-paid mailing label.

Basepaws will keep you updated every step of the way, providing updates on when your sample is received, when processing and sequencing begin, and when your report is ready to be read. The included report contains lots of information about your cat’s DNA, and the information breakdown is easy to follow and understand.

cat lying on the desktop


Breed + Health Cat DNA Test

  • Breakdown of breed inclusions
  • 64 markers for genetic health conditions
  • 50 markers for traits
  • Risk score for the three most common dental conditions

Cat Oral Health Test

  • Identifies active signs for the three most common dental conditions
  • Risk score for the three most common dental conditions

Whole Genome Sequencing

  • Full genome breakdown
  • Breakdown of breed inclusions
  • 64 markers for genetic health conditions
  • 50 markers for traits
  • Risk score for the three most common dental conditions
  • Identifies active signs for the three most common dental conditions

The Science Behind It

The Whole Genome Sequencing test from Basepaws uses high-depth whole genome sequencing science, which is currently the gold standard for DNA sequencing. While this sequencing breaks down your cat’s entire genome, most pet DNA tests will only decode approximately 0.01%–0.02% of your cat’s genome.

The Breed + Health DNA test doesn’t provide a full genomic breakdown, but it does compare your cat’s DNA against multiple known genetic markers specific to domestic cats. These genetic markers can be specific to certain breeds or breeds from certain regions, or they can be markers known to show a risk of developing or carrying certain medical conditions.

The Cat Oral Health test is the least involved test offered by Basepaws at this time. It tests your cat’s mouth swab for microorganisms, giving you a clear picture of your cat’s oral microbiome. This can be used to determine your cat’s risk for developing periodontal disease, tooth resorption, and halitosis.

basepaws cat test kit

Turnaround Time

Basepaws reports their test turnaround time to be approximately 4–6 weeks, except for the Whole Genome Sequencing test, which can take up to 9 weeks. Based on holdups in the Basepaws lab, it is possible that your cat’s test will take longer than the estimated amount of time. For the Whole Genome Sequencing test, you will receive the digital report received with the other tests, but you will also receive a thumb drive containing your cat’s entire genome sequence, so this information won’t be immediately received like the digital copies of the other tests.

Is Basepaws a Good Value?

Basepaws tests do cost a pretty penny for the average person, especially if you are living on a tight budget. The value of these tests comes with the complex science behind the tests that are performed and their potential benefit to the overall health and well-being of your cat.

Since some of the markers are still not an exact science and not all present DNA markers are guaranteed to lead to a condition developing, these tests shouldn’t be used as the be-all and end-all of your cat’s healthcare. However, knowing what conditions your cat may be at risk of developing can help you know what to watch for that your cat may be at risk for and get an early diagnosis. It can also help you determine if your cat should be bred or not since carriers of most known disorders should not be bred.

cat lying on the computer desktop



If I forget to register my cat’s kit, will I still receive the test results?

It’s very unlikely since the kit registration directly connects your kit to your cat’s sample. If this step is missed, it makes it difficult for Basepaws to determine which customer the received kit and sample belong to.

Does the Basepaws database include all known domestic cat breeds?

No, but they are updating the database regularly. Currently, there are over 20 breeds that are in the Basepaws database.

Does Basepaws check for wildcat ancestry?

The Basepaws test will only be able to tell you if your cat has ancestry from the Asian leopard cat or African serval. The reason for this is that the Asian leopard cat was originally used to develop the Bengal breed, while the African serval was used to develop the Savannah.

Will these tests tell me what coat colors are present in my cat’s genes?

No, coat color is not one of the markers that Basepaws currently tests for.

basepaws cat kit packaging

Our Experience With Basepaws

When we received our Basepaws Breed + Health Cat DNA Test, we chose to use our cat Nutmeg for the swab. Nutmeg is the youngest of our three cats, and arguably the one we know the least about genetically and health-wise because she is under a year old. Her lynx point coat, long body, blue eyes, and overall small stature and weight made us believe she might have some Siamese in her, although she is certainly not talkative like a Siamese.

We also chose Nutmeg for testing because she has struggled with eye issues since she was born. After months of various treatments, she saw a veterinary ophthalmologist who diagnosed her with symblepharon, which is a condition that causes the eyelids to fuse to the eyes themselves. It can be caused by multiple things, including being a hereditary condition. We were curious to see if there would be anything that came up on the health part of the test to indicate that Nutmeg might be prone to other eye conditions throughout her life.

Nutmeg is not a big fan of being held, but with one of us holding her and the other swabbing her, we were finished before she could get too upset. The instructions were easy to understand and everything went off with a hitch, from swabbing to returning the sample to Basepaws. Unfortunately, we did have to reach out to Basepaws after the sixth week because her results still were not back. We were informed that there had been a failed batch of tests in the lab and they were unsure if her test was among them. Thankfully, we received her results the next day. Customer service was prompt and as helpful as they could be, but there seemed to be a distinct disconnect in the information flow between customer service and the lab.

The test results were enjoyable to read, although no indications of eye problems showed up. In fact, Nutmeg’s risk for all of the conditions tested for was overall pretty low. Of course, we won’t know if this is accurate or not for another 10 years or so.

The most exciting part of the test results was seeing what breeds could make up Nutmeg’s DNA. We were extremely surprised to learn that our 7-pound, short-haired, petite kitten came back with the greatest percentage of Maine Coon. The general results of her breed test essentially came back with her being a mutt of a cat.

One of her breeds was the Egyptian Mau, a breed with which she does share notable traits, like her coat pattern and length, small size, and love of playing fetch. On the other hand, I don’t know of too many rare Egyptian Mau cats roaming the streets of Arkansas. The primary thing we came away with from this test was information taken with a grain of salt.



Basepaws has unique and fun products that make it easier to get to know our cats better. There are some limitations on their testing abilities at this time, though, with the biggest being the lack of full genome sequencing for every cat breed in large enough numbers for a sample size of each. This does mean that the results of the tests may be accurate, but just how accurate is very difficult to say.

This is a fun investment that may prove beneficial if your cat shows a distinct genetic risk for certain conditions, or if you get a clear breed answer about your cat. If you have some extra money you’re looking to spend on something unique and enjoyable, then ordering a Basepaws kit for your cat could be a neat way to spend it.

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