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Do Beagles Smell? Are They Smellier Than Most Breeds?

Beagles are little dogs that have become popular pets among households of all shapes and sizes throughout the United States and beyond. These dogs were originally bred to hunt in packs, so they weren’t initially meant to live as pets inside the household like many other breeds.

However, they have adapted well to indoor life with human family members. That said, rumor has it that Beagles are smellier than most other dog breeds. Is this true? It seems to be! Here is what you should know about Beagles and their smelliness.


The Smelliness Is Due to Their Hunting Skills

Beagles were originally bred to hunt animals for their owners. They would do so in packs, but those packs could get split up during a hunt. Beagles would emit an odor from their hair follicles and glands so they could keep track of each other during a hunting trip and maintain an advantage over their prey.

Although most Beagles do not engage in hunting activities nowadays, they do still emit these “hunting” odors. Therefore, owners may notice that their Beagles smell a bit more than many other dogs. Fortunately, the smell typically is not overwhelming and can be controlled with a little effort. Most people describe the scent as a slightly musky odor or a “doggy” smell.

beagle standing outdoor
Image Credit: Andrey_and_Lesya, Pixabay

Things That Exacerbate the Smelliness

There are a few things that can make your Beagle’s natural odor worse. For example, if your dog has an anal gland problem, they may emit more odor than is typical. A buildup of fluid could cause the anal glands to open and emit a dark oil and an overwhelming rotten-egg smell. Regular veterinarian checkups will help ensure that your Beagle’s anal glands stay healthy.

Another thing that can make your Beagle smell worse is a wet coat. This dog breed tends to produce a high concentration of microbes that produce odors in damp environments. If your Beagle’s coat is moist, you’ll likely smell more odor coming from them. Thoroughly drying the coat should eliminate extra odors.

The big ears of a Beagle also provide the perfect opportunity for bacteria to build up. If this happens, your dog’s ears will likely emit an unpleasant odor that doesn’t go away on its own. Wiping your dog’s ears regularly can help ensure that bacteria never get an opportunity to build up.

kerry beagle lying on the grass
Image Credit: DannyWalshm Shutterstock

Keeping Your Beagle’s Smelliness to a Minimum

There is no way to completely eliminate your Beagle’s unique smelliness. However, there are a few things that you can do to keep the smell to a minimum. First, make it a point to bathe your dog once or twice a month and thoroughly dry their coat afterward. Don’t let your dog go outside and roll around on the ground after a bath, or they could pick up odors that are just as bad as the ones that you were trying to get rid of!

Regular veterinarian visits will help ensure that your dog stays healthy and that they don’t develop any skin conditions that could exacerbate their odor emission. Regular brushing should also help get rid of loose hair that is holding onto odors.

Image Credit: Melianiaka Kanstantsin, Shutterstock


Final Thoughts

Beagles do tend to be smellier than many other dog breeds. However, the smell is typically not overwhelming, and most people can manage it easily. If you can’t handle the odor that your Beagle is emitting, though, head to the veterinarian to find out if any health conditions are causing the issue. Improved grooming may be all that’s necessary to get the smell under control.

Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

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