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Do Squirrels Purr? The Interesting Answer!

“Do squirrels purr?” is an interesting question with an equally interesting answer. Before we get to the bottom of squirrel noises, let’s discuss the difference between a true purr and a purring sound.

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What Exactly Is a ‘Purr’?

Anyone who’s held a cat knows they purr. The body mechanics behind this noise are both fascinating and complex. A true purr is a continuous noise a cat makes while breathing in and out. The sound of a purr is a lower frequency than a cat’s normal vocalizations and is accompanied by faster-than-normal breathing. Some animal experts claim that felines are the only animals capable of a true purr.

Many other animals, squirrels included, do make a purring sound. Squirrels purr while either breathing in or out, but not both. Some people refer to a squirrel’s purr-like sounds as a “buzz.”

We’re not here to split hairs, so we’ll say, “yes,” squirrels do purr.

squirrel in the tree
Image Credit: Pixabay

Why Do Squirrels Purr?

No one is exactly sure why squirrels purr. People have observed this sound when squirrels appeared content, threatened, and irritated. You can use other clues, like a squirrel’s body movements and surroundings, to determine how the animal might feel.

What Other Animals Purr?

As we mentioned above, there is some contention over whether felines are the only animals who truly purr. However, badgers, bears, foxes, raccoons, and even chickens can make purring noises.

Do Squirrels Make Good Pets?

Not really. Unlike dogs and cats, squirrels are not domesticated. They are wild animals. There are roadblocks to ethical squirrel ownership.

First, there’s the issue of acquiring a pet squirrel. You can’t capture a wild animal and expect it to be happy. There’s also a good chance you will get hurt or hurt the squirrel in the process.

squirrels eating
Image Credit: Pixabay

Another issue with pet squirrels is finding a veterinarian who will treat your pet. Not all animal clinics and hospitals treat exotic and wild animals.

State and local laws regulate the ownership of wild animals. It’s not just a bad idea to own a squirrel; it may also be illegal in your area.

What Should I Do If I Find an Injured Squirrel?

Don’t attempt to capture any injured wild animal, including a squirrel. Contact your local Wildlife Rehabilitation Center or DNR for help. They’ll advise you on the best course of action or send out a trained staff member. While seeing an injured squirrel is difficult, we can’t save every wild animal.

Squirrels are rodents and can pass several infectious diseases to people. You don’t want to be bitten or scratched by a wild squirrel.

squirrel sharp claws
Image Credit: Pixabay

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While squirrels can make purr-like noises, some animal experts maintain that only felines are capable of making a true purr. Squirrels are fun to watch from a distance, but they do not make good pets. If you want a cuddly companion that purrs, adopt a cat from your local animal shelter.

If you see an injured or sick squirrel, don’t attempt to handle or capture it. Contact your local DNR or Wildlife Rehabilitation Center if you’re worried about a wild squirrel.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels Pixabay

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