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ElleVet CBD Products Review 2022: Our Expert’s Opinion

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give ElleVet CBD Products a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.


ElleVet is based in South Portland, Maine. They specialize not only in manufacturing and selling high-quality CBD extracts – they also pay for research to prove their efficacy, safety, and superiority to other extracts on the market. They have been featured by US Weekly, Reader’s Digest, the Oprah Magazine, NewsWeek, BuzzFeed, and other mainstream publications.

ElleVet’s claim to fame is in their research. They conduct and/or fund research with multiple universities to establish the authenticity of CBD extracts for pets. As a pharmacist, I appreciate their evidence-based approach and the valuable data these studies represent.

They sent me two products to review: Their Maximum Strength Calm & Comfort Situational Chews, used to help calm a dog with specific triggers (things like fireworks, grooming, vet visits, thunderstorms, etc), and their CBD soft gels, which contain their CBD oil extract.


At a Glance: What We Reviewed

Image Product Details

Our Favorite

ElleVet Calm and Comfort Chews ElleVet Calm and Comfort Chews

  • Good for dogs over 5 lbs

  • Provides relief in 1.5-2 hours

  • Help calm a dog with specific triggers
  • Second place
    ElleVet Hemp CBD + CBDA Soft Gels ElleVet Hemp CBD + CBDA Soft Gels

  • No smell or taste

  • Great for dogs with food sensitivities

  • Filled with proprietary CBD + CBDA oil formulation
  • ElleVet CBD Products Reviewed

    Ellevet’s products come packaged well, with plenty of paper protecting the products from being damaged in transit. The outer box I received was partially crushed in shipping, and the products inside were completely unharmed. The product materials are high quality and easy to read and understand. The products themselves show a high degree of elegance in design. They do not stink, maintain their shape, and have a pleasant feel/texture that translates into them being well-accepted by dogs.

    ellevet calm and comfort cbd product

    Who makes ElleVet CBD Products and where are they produced?

    ElleVet is based in Maine. They make their evidence-backed CBD products from their own specific hemp extract that they’ve had scientifically evaluated. This means they have consistent control over the source of their product’s ability to provide relief to pets – an advantage many other CBD product manufacturers do not have, as they source their hemp from bulk producers.

    Which Types of Pets are ElleVet CBD Products Best Suited For?

    ElleVet products are made for dogs and cats. This review only covers their dog products. ElleVet’s chews, soft gels, and oils are marketed for long-term use for pain and anxiety relief and anxiety relief. Their Maximum Strength Comfort Chews represent something novel in my experience as a reviewer. I’ve reviewed dozens of products from many CBD manufacturers but never seen an immediate-use product like this.

    ElleVet Calm and Comfort chews are for dogs that do not need long-term relief from pain and anxiety, but need max-dose relief when specific triggers like fireworks, thunderstorms, vet visits, car trips, and the like are encountered.


    Discussion of the Primary Ingredients (Good and bad)

    The active ingredient in all of ElleVet’s CBD Products is their proprietary hemp oil extract. It contains cannabinoids, which are a molecule in the hemp plant that has been shown to help relieve canine anxiety and pain.

    The other ingredients are organic and/or simple, straightforward, and easy to pronounce. Their purposes are clear, and after examining ElleVet’s studies, it’s clear that many of them are chosen specifically to support an evidence-based formulation that allows the active ingredients to be well-absorbed by a dog.

    ellevet soft gels cbd product

    Certificate of Analysis

    Any quality CBD product should have a certificate of analysis or report from a certified third party lab that indicates its potency and the absence of heavy metals, molds, toxins, or other things you don’t want in a product you’re giving your dog.

    ElleVet products all come with CoA (Certificates of Analysis) that prove both that the right things are in their products, and the wrong things are not. This gives me the confidence to test these products with my dogs. If they didn’t provide this sort of evidence, I wouldn’t review or use the product because I have no sure knowledge of what it is!


    I am a stickler for elegance in products. When I open a bottle, jar, or vial, I should see products that do not stink, do not stick together, and all look the exact same. I am really impressed with ElleVet’s attention to detail in this regard, especially with their chews. Many companies have chews that are misshapen, crumble to dust in the package, or smell so vile I can’t even get the scent off my hands with soap and water.

    ElleVet’s products are clearly professional in this regard.

    two dogs sniffing ellevet calm and comfort cbd product


    This is the one place I will knock ElleVet half a star. Compared to competitors that offer similar products, they are expensive. Compared to competitors also known for rigorous product quality, their product is double the price for the same amount of active ingredient. They do claim that their product is especially formulated and studied, and there may be a reasonable expectation of higher price for that, but in watching my dogs with different products I do not know that I would consider it double the value.


    A Quick Look at ElleVet CBD Products

    • Evidence-backed. ElleVet funds studies showing their products work.
    • Well-made, elegant formulations for chews and softgels.
    • Certificates of Analysis available for every product they sell.
    • ElleVet products are more expensive than competitors.


    Reviews of the ElleVet CBD Products We Tried

    ElleVet CBD Calm and Comfort chews are a unique product. They are specifically for dogs that do not require chronic relief for pain or anxiety, but used as a preventative measure.

    My dog, Penny, hates going to the vet office. The idea behind CBD Calm and Comfort chews is that I’d give her a dose half an hour or so before we went to the vet and she’d be more calm and sedate, allowing for a better visit. Similarly, if I were to go outside and practice marksmanship with my daughter, I could give her some since I know she dislikes the sound of shooting – or fireworks on the Fourth of July.

    The softgels are definitely a more mainstream product in the CBD industry. I do not see them as easy to use as treats or oils. Oils can be given directly under a dog’s tongue and they’ll get most of the dose, or it can be put on a small amount of food. A dog can work a softgel around in their mouth and spit it out easily – meaning you either have to place the gel behind their tongue or sneak it into a treat pack to get them to take it.

    dog sniffing ellevet soft gels cbd product

    Our Experience With ElleVet CBD Products

    Both my dogs liked the ElleVet CBD Calm and Comfort treats, accepting them as if they were a standard reward treat. Both dogs seemed calmer/more sedate within half an hour of taking the treat.

    ElleVet Softgels were less of a win for me. My dogs have both accepted various CBD oils in the past, but they did not and do not like anything like a capsule, softgel, or tablet. I have to put these formulations behind their tongue to get them to take them (they will dig them out of treats, pill pack treats, hotdogs, etc). I tend to prefer oils, so to dose my dogs I broke open the softgels and used the contents directly. I noted similar effects, although less pronounced than with the high dose treats.

    I did not get a sample of ElleVet’s oil, but I believe that it would be as effective a dosing mechanism as the other oils I’ve tried.



    ElleVet offers high-end, high-quality products backed by peer-reviewed studies. They are the industry leader in this respect, and they’re very open about it. You can easily find Certificates of Analysis for their products and know exactly what you are giving to your pet, and that the products are free of toxins, heavy metals, and other contaminants. Other than the high cost, it is hard to find anything negative to say about the excellent products offered by the professional team at ElleVet!

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