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How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost in Australia? (2022 Price Guide)

If your pooch’s grooming needs are a bit too finicky for you to take care of at home, a professional dog groomer can really take the weight off your shoulders—nothing like knowing your dog’s new hairdo or manicure is in expert hands! That said, grooming fees can be costly.

In short, the price of dog grooming in Australia ranges between $35 and $150 AUD ($25–$100 USD) on average depending on the service you need. In this post, we’ll take a look at typical dog grooming services and how much they might set you back in Australia.

divider-dog pawThe Importance of Dog Grooming

Grooming is a crucial part of keeping your dog happy and healthy. Coat grooming helps remove and prevent knots, tangles, and mats which, if not kept under control, can end up being a real—and very uncomfortable—problem for your dog.

Of course, you can always do this at home, but some dogs—double-coated dogs to be precise—shed an awful lot, especially during shedding season. A professional groomer can be invaluable if you’re a bit pushed for time and need a helping hand.

Dogs—especially indoor dogs—also need regular nail trims to prevent ingrown and split toenails, which can result in infections, injury, and a lot of discomfort for your dog.

Bernese mountain dog grooming macro, female hands. Pet hair dryer, slicker brush
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How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost in Australia?

How much dog grooming costs depends on the type of service you choose, your location, the size of your dog, and how long the job will take. The two tables below show the average prices in different locations in Australia and how much each service typically costs.


Location Average grooming cost
Melbourne $80–140 AUD ($55–95 USD)
Brisbane $60–120 AUD ($40–80 USD)
Sydney $75–150 AUD ($50–100 USD)
Adelaide $80–100 AUD ($55–67 USD)


Please note that grooming costs will vary depending on your groomer’s policies. The prices in the table below are based on real salon prices (Sydney Pet Resort) and average prices across Australia. In parenthesis are the approximate U.S. costs.

Service Small dog Medium dog Large dog All Sizes
Bath & Blow Dry $35–40 AUD ($23–27 USD) $45–50 AUD ($30–35 USD) $50–60 AUD ($35–40)
Full-Service Clip Haircut, Bath & Blow Dry $65–80 AUD ($45–55 USD) $85–100 AUD ($57–67 USD) $100–120 AUD ($67–80 USD)
Coat Stripping/D e-shedding, Bath & Blow Dry $45–55 AUD ($30–37 USD) $65–75 AUD ($45–50 USD) $100–130 AUD ($67–88 USD)
Breed-Specific Style Cut $90–110 AUD ($60–74 USD) $100–120 AUD ($67–80 USD) Up to $150 AUD ($100 USD)
Nail Trim $10–15 AUD ($6–10 USD)
Basic teeth brushing $10–15 AUD ($6–10 USD)
Basic de-matting $10–15 AUD ($6–10 USD)
groomer dyeing dogs fur
Image Credit: hedgehog94, Shutterstock

Additional Costs to Anticipate

Groomers take into account several factors when determining a price. You may be charged extra for the following:

Transport Costs

If you’re using the services of a mobile groomer, they may include travel costs in their fees. Some independent contractors and salons also offer a “pet taxi” service, which involves picking up your dog and returning them to you.

Special Requirements

For dogs with medical or behavioral issues (nervousness, anxiety, etc.), groomers may charge extra. Please let your groomer know about any potential issues when discussing a price to make sure you get the most accurate estimate possible.

Terrier Dog being Groomed by a Professional Groomer
Image Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko, Pexels

If your groomer finds, for example, that your dog’s eyes or ears could do with a clean, they may offer this service at an additional cost.

How Often Should I Get My Dog Groomed?

If you brush and/or de-shed your dog’s coat at home, you only need to visit a professional groomer now and then when they need a trim or a general tidy-up. Most dogs typically go to the groomers for a trim and/or style around four to six times per year. If you don’t de-shed your double-haired dog yourself, though, you’ll need to pay extra visits to a groomer for this.

Lady grooming a black brown dog
Image Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko, Pexels

Does Pet Insurance Cover Grooming?

Standard pet insurance plans do not typically cover grooming as these plans are only meant to cover accidents and illnesses. However, some pet insurance companies offer wellness plans in addition to comprehensive insurance. Wellness plans reimburse (or partially reimburse you) for certain routine procedures like nail trimming and teeth cleaning.

What To Do for Your Dog’s Coat Between Grooming Sessions

As we touched on above, it’s important to brush your dog’s coat regularly at home to help keep it in good condition. For short-haired dogs, a weekly brush should do, but, with long-haired and double-coated dogs, daily brushing is a good idea to help prevent mats and tangles.

Double-coated dogs also shed their undercoats heavily during shedding season, which typically occurs in spring and fall. At these times, you’ll need to use a de-shedding tool to properly remove the undercoat or take your dog to a groomer.

If you’re new to parenting a double-coated breed, it might be a good idea to have a groomer de-shed them the first time so you can pick up a few tips.

You can also trim your dog’s nails at home—though some dogs just don’t take to it well and only a professional groomer can get the job done. As for teeth cleaning, it’s recommended to brush your dog’s teeth twice daily. Dog dental chews are also a great way to supplement your pooch’s cleaning routine.  If your dog won’t tolerate brushing, speak to your vet for advice.

divider-dog pawConclusion

To sum up, dog grooming in Australia can cost anywhere between $35 and $150, and the cost varies depending on the service and your dog’s size and coat condition. Location-wise, costs don’t seem to vary massively across Australia, but it appears that grooming is more expensive in Sydney and Melbourne on average than in other locations.

If you do contact a professional groomer, remember to try and provide as much information about your dog as possible to get the best possible price estimate. Every dog has different needs, so it’s always best to prepare in advance and avoid the unpleasant surprise of unexpected extra costs.

Featured Image Credit: alektas, Pixabay

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