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How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost in Australia? (2022 Update)

There are around 12 million pet owners in Australia, with many of them having stepped into pet parenthood since the Covid19 pandemic. With such a high number of Australian households owning at least one pet, it’s no surprise that the country’s interest in pet insurance is on the rise.

Pets are a delight but come with many expenses. It takes off a bit of the financial stress when you can properly budget for the things you’ll need to pay for your dog on a monthly or annual basis. Pet insurance is one of those ongoing expenses that are important to plan for. However, how much you’ll have to pay will depend on the type of policy you choose, which company you go with, whether you add on any extras, along with several other factors.

divider-multipetThe Importance of Pet Insurance

Every pet becomes sick at some point in their lives and will require a vet visit and treatment. These costs can be expensive but usually manageable. However, in many cases, when a pet becomes ill, they’ll need to be hospitalized and treated for a few days. Sometimes they may require surgery. Other times pets will be diagnosed with a chronic condition and will require ongoing vet care. These situations demand high sums of money because vet care isn’t cheap.

It’s for these reasons and more that pet insurance is so important. They reimburse pet owners partially or in full for the costs that they had to pay out for their pet’s vet care. Without pet insurance, many pet owners would have to go into debt, lose most or all of their savings, or lose their pets if they cannot pay for the treatment.

Pet insurance covers injury and illness, and some also cover venomous snake or spider bites that so commonly occur throughout Australia. Injuries from kangaroos are covered too. With pet insurance, Australians can have peace of mind that if any harm or illness comes to their pet, the huge financial cost of vet bills won’t entirely be their responsibility.

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How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

The average cost of pet insurance in Australia falls around $84.05 (USD 56.59) per month, depending on the type of policy you choose. How much you will have to pay will also depend on the pet insurance company you choose, the type of pet you have, their age, breed, gender, medical history, and where in Australia you live.

Pet insurance companies don’t all offer the same price for their plans because many of them offer different coverage amounts and benefits. To know which company to choose, you need to do a bit of research and determine if their values, information, policies, benefits, and prices suit you. Compare the companies and policies and choose the one that you like most.

Monthly Premium Costs According to 10 Different Pet Insurances Plans

Monthly Premium
Budget Direct Pet Insurance $54.35 (USD 36.59)
Woolworths Comprehensive Plus $69.08 (USD 46.51)
Medibank Ultimate Pet Care $64.51 (USD 43.43)
Vets Choice Elite $104.27 (USD 70.20)
Kogan Pet Luxury $67.82 (USD 45.66)
Australian Senior’s Top Accident and Illness Cover $68.81 (USD 46.33)
Coles Premium $76.01 (USD 51.18)
Guardian Platinum Accident and Illness Cover $68.97 (USD 46.44)
Pet Insurance Australia Major Medical Plan $74.44 (USD 50.12
Real Premium Accident and Illness Cover $70.39 (USD 47.39)

Source: https://top10petinsurance.com.au/compare-pet-insurance/

Types of Pet Insurance Policies

Different pet insurance companies offer different coverage options. However, most of them have three main types, which are accident-only coverage, accident and illness coverage, and comprehensive coverage.

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Accident-Only Cover

The accident-only cover is the most affordable option, but it offers very limited coverage for your pet and will only pay for medical care relating to an accident that your pet was involved in. Accident-only plans will cover the medical bills of pets that were injured in a fight, hit by a car or kangaroo, bitten by a venomous snake or spider, or any other type of accident. However, it doesn’t cover illnesses.

Accident and Illness Cover

If you’re looking for cover for both accidents and illness, this is the plan for you. Accident and illness cover pays for some or all the costs of treatment and care for a range of illnesses and diseases, whether they’re chronic or acute. It also covers accidents and injuries that your pet may have experienced. This type of cover is the most common type that pet owners choose.

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Comprehensive Cover

For the best of the best coverage, most pet insurance companies offer comprehensive coverage. It is the most expensive option available, but it covers emergencies and illnesses as well as preventative care. Many pet owners appreciate this option because preventative care can be very expensive, and yet every pet needs it. Vaccinations, microchipping, neutering, flea and tick treatment, and dental care are all covered under this plan.

How To Save Money on Pet Insurance Costs

As you can see, pet insurance is a large monthly expense. However, it is necessary to have. If the monthly premiums are too high for your budget, there are a few ways to save some money on pet insurance costs.

Pet insurance is typically more expensive for older pets than for younger, healthier ones. What’s worse is that many policies don’t offer coverage for older pets or ones with pre-existing conditions, which means that if your pet needs vet care, you’ll have to pay for it yourself. Instead, get pet cover for your pet from a young age so that they’ll be covered when they’re older.

Because there are so many pet insurance companies on the market, they often offer discounts and good deals to stand out and attract new pet owners. Look out for these discounts as they’re likely to save you some money. If you have multiple pets, look for the highest multi-pet discounts.

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What Doesn’t Pet Insurance Cover?

Unfortunately, even with a high premium, pet insurance doesn’t cover everything. It’s important to read through all the information before you choose a policy so that you know what it does and doesn’t cover. Skipping over the information may leave you with unexpected expenses.

Most pet insurance policies don’t cover pre-existing conditions. If your pet has had treatment for a condition before you’ve taken out the policy, it may not cover the treatment for that particular condition in the future.

Your pet insurance may also refuse to pay for the treatment your pet needs if they’ve become sick because you haven’t kept up to date with their vaccinations. The same is true if you’ve been negligent with your pet’s care.

Many pet insurance companies don’t offer new policies to pets over a certain age or to owners who have a banned pet breed. They also don’t typically cover vet care regarding pregnancy or nursing.


You can expect to pay around $84.05 (USD 56.59) per month in Australia for pet insurance. However, you may end up paying a higher or lower cost depending on the type of pet you have, their age and gender, the type of policy and pet insurance company you choose, and where you live in Australia.

There are a few main types of pet insurance coverage that most companies offer, which are accident-only cover, comprehensive cover, and accident and illness cover. Make sure you read through each policy to know what it does and doesn’t cover.

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