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What And When Is National Cat Health Month? (2023 Update)

Cat owners love their cats, and what better way to show how much you love your cat than by celebrating National Cat Health Month? National Cat Health Month is celebrated in February each year, which is fitting given that February is the month of love. This holiday is designed to help spread awareness about how to keep your cat healthy and happy, both physically and mentally.

Let’s learn more about National Cat Health Month.


How to Celebrate National Cat Health Month

National Cat Health Month is a full month dedicated to the physical and emotional well-being of your cat. Your cat’s physical health is just as important as her mental health. Do you know if your cat is happy? Does your cat have plenty of toys and games to keep her occupied for mental health?

National Cat Health Month is an excellent time to take a step back, do a little inventory of your cat’s toys, and reflect on whether your cat loves her food, litter box, and other necessities. This holiday is also an excellent time to spoil your cat with extra love and treats. Does your cat love catnip? What cat doesn’t, right? Go ahead and get your cat some catnip to enjoy or buy your cat a new scratching post and some new cat toys and puzzles to exercise her brain for her mental health.

National Cat Health Month is also an excellent time to schedule an annual exam if your cat hasn’t had one yet, and if your cat is still intact, consider getting your cat spayed or neutered. Spaying and neutering your cat will help prevent certain cancers, such as testicular cancer in males and uterine cancer in females.

Another awesome thing to do for National Cat Health Month is to volunteer at your local animal shelter. Volunteering gives you a chance to help the staff and provide the cats in the shelter some extra love and attention. If you can’t volunteer, you can always make a monetary donation or donate blankets, cat beds, toys, and cat food. 

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Tips for Keeping Your Cat Healthy and Safe 

It’s important to keep your cat healthy and safe at all times, but National Cat Health Month allows you to evaluate your cat’s happiness and determine if you can enhance your cat’s life a bit. Ensure you feed your cat high-quality cat food, and if your cat is a finicky water drinker, consider purchasing a cat water fountain to entice her to drink. You can also consider adding wet food to your cat’s diet for a little extra hydration if you don’t already.

Check out your cat’s teeth to ensure the gums and teeth are healthy, and take extra time to play with your cat for some one-on-one time.



National Cat Health Month brings cat health awareness to ensure your own cat is happy and healthy. Cats are amazing creatures and deserve a month dedicated to their well-being, and you can use the month to spoil your cat with new toys, a scratching post, treats (especially catnip), and spend more quality time with your feline kiddo.

Helping out at shelters is another excellent way to celebrate the month. Remember that if you can’t physically volunteer, you can always make a monetary donation.

Featured Image Credit: Sydneymills, Shutterstock

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