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When and What Is National Beagle Day? What You Need to Know!

Your dog is your best friend, so you’re always looking for ways to celebrate with them. Whether it’s a dog-friendly cake on their birthday or a stocking for your pup during the holidays, making our dogs feel appreciated is one of the best parts of being a dog parent. But did you know that many dog breeds have their own holidays? It’s true!

One such holiday is National Beagle Day on April 22nd. This day is a celebration of Beagles and a time for those who own or just love  to come together to share what they adore about these dogs. National Beagle Day is also sometimes used as an opportunity to fundraise for good causes while raising the profile of the Beagle.divider-paw

History of National Beagle Day

While some dog days have been around for a while, National Beagle Day is relatively new. The idea for this day came about in 2017 when Sean Parkinson had the idea to begin a holiday to celebrate Beagles. That’s when he started organizing Beaglelandia in an attempt to win the Guinness World Record for Largest Dog Walk of a Single Breed—winning this was accomplished on April 22, 2018. It was a year later when Sean started rallying support to make National Beagle Day a thing, and the rest is history!

beagle dog barking
Image Credit: mrnok, Shutterstock

Ways to Celebrate National Beagle Day

If you’re a fan or owner of a Beagle and want to get in on the action next time April 22nd rolls around, there are several ways you can celebrate.

While National Beagle Day is still mostly celebrated online, it is becoming a bigger holiday outside of the internet, so you could see if anyone has organized an event to celebrate in your area. Events may be more challenging to locate if you live in a smaller town, but if you’re in a big city, you’ll probably find a few. And if you can’t find an event, why not organize your own?

If an event with lots of people isn’t your idea of fun, you could simply spend the day with your own Beagle. Play games, go for a walk or hike, shower them with praise and love, then give them something extra tasty to eat. How better to spend National Beagle Day than with your own furry friend?

You can also support good causes on National Beagle Day. As we said, this day is sometimes used to raise money for charities (typically Beagle-related). Whether that’s by donating money, purchasing a Beagle-related item that’s being auctioned off, or simply sharing the charity event with friends, you can make a difference and celebrate this dog breed at the same time.

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Image Credit: Alexey Androsov, Shutterstock

Since National Beagle Day is still a predominately online holiday, though, you’ll likely find more to do there than offline. This day is a time to join a Beagle-related social media group (if you haven’t already) and post photos, videos, and anecdotes about your favorite pup. And if you don’t want to post videos of your dog, you can still hang out and enjoy all the adorableness posted by others.

Another great thing to do online to celebrate National Beagle Day is to raise awareness of Beagles. You can use hashtags such as #NationalBeagleDay or #CelebratingOurBeagles to share why you love the breed and how owning a Beagle has improved your life.

Finally, National Beagle Day is an excellent day to take the time to learn more about the Beagle breed. You can go online to find out everything from the history of Beagles to how to care for one. This will allow you to take the best care of your pet possible.


Final Thoughts

National Beagle Day on April 22nd is a wonderful way to celebrate your Beagle (and Beagles in general)! Whether you decide to have a doggy day filled with fun or share photos of your best pal online, it’s sure to be fun. You can even help out good causes on this day by donating money or spreading the word about charity events. Don’t just celebrate Beagles on April 22nd, though; celebrate your favorite pup year-round!

Featured Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

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